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Shifting the standard of care
After a recent change in donor organ allocation policies, public data has shown that transplant programs across the United States have had to travel greater distances and raise ischemic times in order to increase access to donor organs.1,2 This industrial shift in allocation calls for an advancement in preservation standards.
Cold temperature dial
hot temperature dial
ice cube
ice cube
ice cube
4 degress8 degrees
Traditional hypothermic preservation places the organ on unmonitored ice
Ice has a maximum temperature of 0°C, and is often below 0°C
exposing donor organs to uncontrolled, potentially subzero temperatures
which can inadvertently risk irreversible cellular damage³
Paragonix Advanced Organ Preservation offers control over the previously uncontrollable
maintaining an optimal temperature range above the risk of freezing injury,
with real-time monitoring and tracking insights
to ensure every donor organ has received Every Possible Advantage®
Advanced preservation. Advanced care.
Paragonix is committed to improving the science and understanding of donor organ preservation. Our series of GUARDIAN Clinical Registries were established to measure the clinical impact of advanced organ preservation.
Discover the Clinical Impact
Cardiac Transport System
A leading FDA-cleared and CE-marked heart preservation device
Clinical research
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Publication Link
Cardiac Transport System
Innovative cold storage of donor organs using the Paragonix SherpaPak™ devices
Heart Lung Vessel
S.G. Michel, G.M. LaMuraglia II, M.L.L Madariaga, Lisa M. Anderson
Read more
Publication Link
Cold Injury
Are temperatures attained by donor hearts during transport too cold?
The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Volume 98, Issue 4
P J Hendry, V M Walley, A Koshal, R G Masters, W J Keon
Read more
Publication Link
Cardiac Transport System
Primary Graft Dysfunction
GUARDIAN Publications
Effect of Donor Heart Preservation Temperature Monitoring Technology on Primary Graft Dysfunction and Outcomes in Heart Transplantation
The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, Vol. 40, Issue 4
A. M. Tutunjian, M. Kawabori, T. Nordan, Y. Zhan, F. Y. Chen, K. G. Warner, H. Rastegar, G. S. Couper
Read more
Paragonix App & Web Portal
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Full Suite of Organ Procurement Services.
Paragonix Organ Procurement Services allow your staff to focus entirely on your patient. Manage the costs associated with overtime and keep your in-house staff well-rested and ready for every case.
Discover Paragonix Support Services
Experienced procurement teams
Real-Time Coordination
Air & Ground Transportation
Organ Evaluation & Preservation
Precision cooling system
Paragonix SherpaCool® contains a proprietary phase-change formula that prevents exposure to excessive temperature reduction.
Mechanically isolated protection
Rigid, pressure-controlled system protects organ from physical and thermal trauma.
Stable Preservation Environment
Lightweight shipper system is validated for a consistent thermal environment for over 40 hours.
Connected Data Driven Monitoring
Real-time monitoring and data reporting via Bluetooth® connection and the Paragonix App.
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