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Protecting the gift of life
If you or a loved one suffers from a medical condition that has caused a vital organ to fail, your physician may advise an organ transplant as a method of treatment. Donor organs are distributed based on a series of factors which determine how well the available donation may match your needs. If your transplant team determines the organ is an acceptable match, the team must then safely procure, or transport, the organ to your hospital.
Offering Every Possible Advantage™ on the donor organ journey.
We strive to protect the ultimate donation by mitigating the risks associated with organ procurement. Paragonix Advanced Organ Preservation technology is designed to improve transplant recipient outcomes, as well as optimize donor organ utilization.
Discover the impact on post-transplant outcomes
Protecting Donor Organs
Recipient Waitlist Time
Improved Clinical Outcomes
Simplified Data and Logistics
Cardiac Transport System
A leading FDA-cleared and CE-marked heart preservation device
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Marzia Leacche, MD
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
“Innovations in patient care are rarely this impactful.”
Chip Richie
Heart Transplant Recipient
“To be given the extension of life is an incredible gift. I'm grateful to the incredible transplant team. The technology. The caring. To the donor and his family.”
Jeffery Goldstein
Founder of the Lung Transplantation Foundation
“The need for this device has never been greater. We sought out a collaboration with Paragonix because we saw first-hand the significant challenges in lung transplantation and just how impactful this technology could be.”
Zubair Hashmi, MD
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
“Like anything you freeze and thaw, there is a possibility of cold damage at the microscopic, cellular level. With this new device, we can monitor the temperature of the organ on our phone apps and keep it at the ideal level, so it stays cool without freezing. Plus, it stays cold longer, so we can go further away.”
Stephanie Stevens, RN, CPTC
Manager of Organ Recovery
“The Paragonix app has allowed our team to better coordinate the complicated task of transporting donor organs across great distances...We are looking forward to digging into the data now available to us to see if we can make any improvements to the preservation and transport process.”
Errol Bush, MD, FACS
Thoracic Surgeon
“The importance of both the heart and lung registries is clear to transplant teams around the world: the more data we have, the more lives we can potentially save.”
Jamie Bucio, CPTC
Lead Organ Procurement Coordinator
“It puts your mind at great ease. If a transplant case is taking a little longer than normal, or if we anticipate a complicated recipient surgery upfront that will require more time, the surgeon doesn’t have to be concerned about an organ sitting in a box on ice. These devices allow us to track temperature from the minute it goes into the cooler to the minute it comes out.”
Andreas Zuckermann
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
“Organ donation is such a precious gift, and these advancements help ensure that we as clinicians can make the most of their impact on a transplant recipient’s life.”
Conversations with your doctor
Surgical procedures are the responsibility of the medical professional. Each physician must evaluate the appropriateness of product usage based on their personal medical training, experience, and the patient’s condition. Only a physician can tell you if this product is right for you and your unique circumstances. We encourage patients to discuss the use of Advanced Organ Preservation technology with your care team.
How can transplant technologies impact the transplant waitlist?
What are the potential risks associated with traditional donor organ transportation?
Where can I find further patient resources on transplantation, allocation, or donation?
Is there a transplant center near me that utilizes Paragonix Advanced Organ Preservation technology?
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