Paragonix Launches Comprehensive Digital Platform for Real-Time Tracking of Donor Organs Destined for Transplantation
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Technological advancements in donor organ transportation answer the growing demand for comprehensive tracking, monitoring, and data reporting

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS – October 18, 2022 – Paragonix Technologies, Inc., a leader in Advanced Organ Preservation (AOP) technology, has announced the launch of its new VantagePoint™ Organ Tracking Technology to pioneer a new era of continuous oversight and real-time visibility for donor organs in transit. Designed to meet the rising standards of transparency and accountability in donor organ transportation, this technology will improve the digital tracking capabilities provided by the Paragonix App, the free-to-download software paired with all Paragonix Advanced Organ Preservation (AOP) Devices to meet the evolving needs of organ transplant professionals.

Since 2019, the Paragonix App has allowed teams to easily coordinate the logistics of safeguarding a donor organ in transit. In addition to managing HIPAA-compliant team communications, the app actively monitors preservation conditions in real-time and tracks the GPS location of the procurement team en route to the recipient hospital.

“Protecting the gift of life takes a team of skilled professionals to be successful. With teams from different hospitals working together, sometimes on a national level, it is crucial that all involved members can carefully monitor and track the exact location and condition of the valuable organ throughout every step of the process,” said Dr. Lisa Anderson, CEO of Paragonix. “We have always emphasized the importance of delivering transplant professionals the greatest levels of data and visibility, which is why we are proud to continue expanding our custom digital offering with unparalleled levels of tracking insights.”

With the launch of VantagePoint™ Advanced Organ Tracking, Paragonix device users can begin utilizing state-of-the-art GPS technology to capture and transmit accurate location data of the device autonomously, regardless of cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. The industry’s current standard of care in preservation – carefully placing a donor organ in ice storage – lacks the level of control or data coordination that transplant professionals deserve to access in an era of digital innovation.

The latest Paragonix App update also optimizes the common limitations of air travel, allowing users to directly upload flight information through a new integration of FlightAware® software. This functionality automatically delivers flight tracking data and predictive insights that can determine the plane’s estimated time of arrival, allowing teams to visualize the complete journey to the recipient hospital and act accordingly.

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